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Visual Flow Builder Steps

Features for All Levels of No-Coders.

Basic Features

These features are called basic because they are easy to implement. However, their conversational power is far from simple.

Advanced Features

Are the basics not enough for your grand conversational plans? Then take a look at the advanced feature toolset.

Design Features

The quality of chatbot experience starts in the backend but ends with design. UChat got you covered from start to finish!

Create Your Bots Like Painting

Create your chat robot with our visual editing UI. Just simply drag the line to connect with different components. To master UChat, you don't need any coding background.

Visual Logic

Use our function in your flow to make your editing easy. UChat can help you do the complex algorithm automatically. All you need to do is tell the logic to UChat in English.

Save Your Customer’s Responds

UChat allows you to save the response of your customers and automatically sort them into your database. You can manage them way more easy than ever before.

Set Keywords That Your Customers Might Send

Preset some keywords in Automation function so you won't miss any sentence your customer send. UChat can make your chat robot more like a real human!

Send Message and Reply

You can customise the message you want to send and make some choices for your customer to respond.

Create Flow With Our Templates For Multiple Platforms

Build a Chat Robot in Minutes

Codeless Flow Editing

Our codeless flow editing is super easy to use. Design your own flow with some simple click.


UChat provides users to settle some automated reply by fetching some key words of customers requirement. It could be implemented by Keywords page under the Automation section.

Manage Your Data With Our Special UI

You can manage your data with our custom UI. Click - Set Value - Done!

Want to see how the chatbot perform?

Talk to Our Bot Built By UChat And Try Some Demo!

Use Our Tools to Help Your Business


UChat can help you create your Facebook Messenger widget and connect to your chat bot.

Integrations & Apps

You can connect to multiple platforms. Including Google Spreadsheet, Dialogflow, Stripe, Slack, Twilio, SignalWire, Message Media, Zoho, MailChimp, SMTP, Gmail, SendGrid and Tencent AI. You can also install your own App


You can use or default templates for your chat bot. Or create your own templates! Choose UChat to save your time and get high efficiency on your business.


You can broadcast to the customers you choose. You can schedule a time to set multiple messages to send to different groups of people. You can also check the status of all your broadcast and edit them anytime.


Using our testers function to add some testers to help you debug before you publish your chatbot.

Live Chat

Manage and see all the message when your customers are talking with your chatbot. You can start a live chat to your customer anytime to make sure your customers get the help they need!

Omni-Channel Platform

Activate your bot on multiple chat channels and let it conquer the world
Facebook Messenger

Connect your Facebook pages to a UChat chatbot. Collecting leads and profiling users has never been easier.


The most popular messaging platform in the world, in every customer’s pocket. Get closer to your customers with a smart, AI-powered UChat chatbot.

Phone Voice SMS

Create your first real-time voice virtual assistant using UChat’s voice-capable platform.


Simplify team life in Slack channels. Thanks to UChat’s chatbot tech there is no limit to the actions you can automate.


Want to manage and automate telegram chats and groups? It’s a breeze thanks to the conversational skills of a UChat chatbot.


The most popular messaging platform in the world, in every customer’s pocket. Get closer to your customers with a smart, AI-powered UChat chatbot.

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