Google Translate

Wouldn't it be great to be able to dynamically translate between languages using Google machine learning anywhere you need them? Instantly. Now you can with just an action in your flow builder. Enter the TEXT and select the target language the Google Translate will translate it and return back the translated text and detected language from your source text. Easy.


  1. Install the App from the AppStore

  2. Enter your Google Could Translation API key

  3. In your flow builder, select the Action step and select the "Google Translate" action under "Integration" block

  4. Enter your TEXT and select target language

  5. Assign a custom field to "Translated text" in Response Mapping

  6. Run the flow



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Application reviewed by UChat

Before publishing app, UChat Review Team makes sure that:
  1. The app can be installed via installation link
  2. The app doesn't capture unnecessary data
  3. All app actions are accessible inside flow builder
  4. App actions work in accordance with their title and description
  5. App settings capture enough information to make the app work
  6. All external sources that impact the app's actions performance are configured properly

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