Build a Chatbot for Your Restaurant

Design and build a chatbot to help you get order from your customer.
Build stronger relationships with customers by delivering
targeted content and anticipating their reactions.

Why Use UChat for Your Restaurant?

Provide 24/7 support for your restaurant

A bot can answer user FAQs at any time of day or night. Your team will save time previously spent answering the same questions again and again.

Engage diners

You can share information about new menu, special offers, coupons. and more to engage prospects and customer en masse.

Increase sales conversions

If you're ready to boost sale. Improve customer server, and bring in more diners to your restaurant, a chat bot is the tool for you.

Custom your own database for your restaurant

UChat provides data custom support. You can easily manage your products database in our custom non-coding UI. Add all the information you need into your database, Including Restaurant address, phone number and your menu.

Order through UChat

Customers can add products into their shopping cart and make changes. UChat offers an easy and simple shopping experience for your customers. Let your bot help you to get orders from your customers.

Multiple payment methods

You can choose Credit Card, Alipay, Wechat Pay or Cash on Delivery as payment method make sell and purchase much easy.

Want to see how the chatbot perform?

Talk to Our Bot And Try Our Restaurant Assistant Demo!

Build a Chat Robot for Your Restaurant in Minutes

Codeless Flow Editing

Our codeless flow editing is super easy to use. Design your own flow with some simple clicks and drags.

Manage Your Product in a Simple Way

Use our eCommerce support to help you manage your product. You can custom your menu in our custom UI. Including price, stock, availability etc.

Shopping Cart

Your customer can add the product to their shopping cart using UChat, and order through UChat. Build a simple and easy takeaway experience now with UChat!


UChat provides users to settle some automated reply by matching the keywords of customers requirement. It could be implemented by Keywords page under the Automation section.

Set Your Payment Methods

You can add some payment methods in UChat to make your business simple and easy. Including Credit Card, Alipay, Wechat Pay and Cash on Delivery.

Categorize Your Menu

If you have a large number of products in different types. UChat provides collections function to let you categorize your products.

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