Build a Banking and Financing Chatbot

Design and build a chatbot to help your banking and financing.
Build stronger relationships with clients by delivering
targeted content and anticipating their reactions.

Why Use UChat for Banking and Financing?

Provide 24/7 support for your restaurant

a bot can answer user FAQs at any time of day or night. Your team will save time previously spent answering the same questions again and again.

Engage your clients

You can share information about news, notifications. Use UChat to make sure your user won't miss any important message.

Sending Notification

UChat provides email notification, SMS notification, phone call and Slack notification. You can easily send any notification messages to your clients in UChat.

Answer the same questions at once

You can separate your clients' questions into different group and answer them at once. So you don't have to repeat the same answer to different person.

Chat with your clients

UChat provides a live chat function. Using our custom UI and start your live chat to your clients, and manage your chat more easily.

Banking and Financing integration support

Check our integration support! You can connect to multiple platforms. Check more information about integration down below in this page.

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Build a Banking and Financing Chat Bot in Minutes

Codeless Flow Editing

Our codeless flow editing is super easy to use. Design your own flow with some simple clicks and drags.


UChat provides users to settle some automated reply by matching the keywords of clients requirement. It could be implemented by Keywords page under the Automation section.

Send Email

Click the email tab in integrations function. Use UChat to send emails to your customer and manage your business.

Use Our Tools to Help Your Business


UChat can help you create your Facebook Messenger widget and connect to your chat bot.

Integrations & Apps

You can connect to multiple platforms. Including Google Spreadsheet, Dialogflow, Stripe, Slack, Twilio, SignalWire, Message Media, Zoho, MailChimp, SMTP, Gmail, SendGrid and Tencent AI. You can also install your own App


You can use or default templates for your chat bot. Or create your own templates! Choose UChat to save your time and get high efficiency on your business.


You can broadcast to the clients you choose. You can schedule a time to set multiple messages to send to different groups of people. You can also check the status of all your broadcast and edit them anytime.


Using our testers function to add some testers to help you debug before you publish your chatbot.

Live Chat

Manage and see all the message when your clients are talking with your chatbot. You can start a live chat to your customer anytime to make sure your clients get the help they need!

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